Regarding the ages you to realize, each brother embarks on their happen to be become successful and you may love

A fearless ultimatum – and you will an impractical relationship! Perla Lyman ‘s the glamorous force trailing Lyman Reports, and you may claims for the knowledge are told. After thriving a bitter give-simply by an old boyfriend-date and you can undetectable economic points, the very last strike is having a beneficial slanderous blog post released in order to the lady information site–resulting in this lady character in order to shatter.

Powerful billionaire Lucas Braxton try darkly good-looking and very profitable, but really declines people connection with the latest news. Especially individuals as flashy and you may interested because the Perla Lyman. However when his young, impulsive brother hacks to your Lyman Development, he could be dragged to your negotiating toward beautiful influencer.

When Lucas asks the girl never to drive charge, she has the benefit of your a keen ultimatum. She’ll give the newest favor in the event that he’ll supplement her because the the girl besotted day to various high-reputation events and present a personal share with-all interview to help you Lyman Information.

When the orchestrated love sets them up close, they shows impossible to fight their wonders interest. Lire la suite