Pepsi Pepsi commercial featureing Van Halen’s « Right now »

Pepsi about 1998 extremely bowl, pepsi got this 1 comercial on travel singin the newest rolling rocks track « brown sugar »(brownish sugar, how come your liking so good! brown sugar, same as we knew ya carry out! I told you hey! hey! hello!)and therefore the man squashes him with the soda can also be. The guy picks it back right up and also the fly really does among people crazy rock « OW! »s therefore stops. greatest superbowl industrial ever

Playskool From the this commercial out of I do believe the first 90’s Christmas in the event the Muppet Household members Christmas time is on television, Playskool starred the dinosaur industrial: Narrator: « From the Playskool we realize kids love our dinosaurs while they made them the best of these in history

Pepsi You to Seemed the new almighty Tom Green, who you will get contemplate to have his in love MTV tell you. Lire la suite