Obvious gorm-lee, Gormlaith try an odd-category of term having a lovely meaning

It is based on the Irish terms and conditions “gorm,” definition “illustrious” otherwise “joyous,” and “laith,” definition “little princess.” It had been the name of a lot Irish queens within 8th and you can sixteenth ages. Now, Gormlaith and its anglicized function, Barbara, is actually one another relics of the past.



Grainne, obvious graw-nya, is a historical Irish goddess of one’s compile. Grainne has also been new assured bride of your own champion Fionn Mac computer Cool, exactly who went away together with his nephew, Diarmuid. Fionn pursued the couple all-over Ireland, so that they you can expect to never stay static in you to definitely place for more a night. Today, there are numerous sites in the Ireland named “the fresh new bed regarding Grainne and Diarmuid” honoring new taboo partners.

Obvious ee-da, Ide is actually the name of a critical female Irish saint, known for producing training along with her “thirst” to have knowledge. She including based a beneficial monastery during the Killeedy, where a good holy really was loyal in her own award. Ide is sometimes anglicized given that Ita, Ida, or Meeda.


Innes, particularly Angus, is an anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic Aonghas. Regardless if Innes is used for both men and women, it’s ranked #991 for girls and #83 to possess boys from inside the Scotland, so it is prie. But do not help you to stop you from incorporating that it adorable character-driven label to that particular shortlist you have!

Iona try a small area off of the western coastline from Scotland, known for their part during the Christianity. It actually was first named Ioua, almost certainly derived from the fresh Gaelic Ivova, meaning “yew place.” The island became known as Iona inside the 1200s once a great transcription error involving the “n” and you will “you.” Iona is now brand new 63rd hottest label for females during the Scotland, chose because of its short length and delightful sound! Lire la suite