Data dos replicated might design of Research step one having 64 Conservative and you may 32 Orthodox Jewish youngsters

Nucci, Larry and you can Elliot Turiel. 1993. « God’s Word, Spiritual Guidelines, and their Regards to Christian and you may Jewish Children’s Concepts from Morality. » Boy Advancement vol. 64, pp. 1475-1491. Abstract: From inside the Data 1, 64 Amish-Mennonite people (old ten, several, 14, and you may 16 yrs) had been expected to check on 4 ethical and eight nonmoral religious laws and regulations on signal alterability, generalizability, and whether or not the updates of the serves is contingent on the word-of Goodness. Since a second element of Investigation 1, 64 years-coordinated Dutch Reform Calvinist people was in fact requested to choose whether God’s commands makes a poor work fairly best. Ss classified ranging from moral and nonmoral spiritual issues. Ethical legislation and several nonmoral laws and regulations have been seen as nonalterable by religious authorities. The latest status out of moral ( not nonmoral) acts is actually general in order to people outside of the faith and you may was not seen as contingent towards existence regarding statements away from Jesus. Judgments from moral points had been rationalized regarding fairness and you can human passion factors; nonmoral affairs were analyzed regarding the normative condition. [Source: PI]

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