Detailed Analytics and you will Images out-of Popular Words

I checked out prospective variations from the site, geographic region, and ethnicity using t-tests and you can analysis regarding variance (ANOVA) into LIWC group rates. To the a couple of websites, half dozen of several t-examination was in fact high in the following classes: first-individual one [t(3998) = ?5.61, p Supplementary Desk dos having function, standard deviations, and you will contrasts ranging from cultural organizations). Contrasts revealed high differences between White and all of most other ethnic organizations during the four of half a dozen significant ANOVAs. For this reason, i included ethnicity since the an effective dummy-coded covariate when you look at the analyses (0 = White, step one = Any ethnic groups).

Of your own a dozen ANOVA assessment linked to geographic region, merely a couple was indeed significant (members of the family and self-confident emotion). While the distinctions just weren’t technically meaningful, we failed to believe geographic part for the next analyses.


Regularity out-of term use is obvious into the detailed analytics (see Dining table 1) and you can via word-clouds. The phrase-cloud techniques illustrates probably the most popular terms over the whole test along with each of the age range. Lire la suite